Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Cross is Holocaust

Holy Saturday morning now. A light rain is falling, as it has been since Ash Wednesday. Good Friday mourned under heavy black clouds. Only Holy Thursday gave us a day of clear skies and sunshine.

Today I prepare to clear out the reminders of passion and desert, and to instill in my home some reminder of the joy of resurrection. I have meditated on the Passion only too dutifully these past weeks, not having been allowed to escape either one. (My doctor finally told me to go back to my granola half way through Lent, but I managed to save $200 on grocieries during the season, despite eating regular meals.) But the point is, we can't escape the Passion. I want to tell a Jewish friend, who concerns himself with the remnant that will always carry on when everything goes to ruin, that whenever there is a remnant that remembers the truth and practices it in the face of opposition and general oublie, that remnant will suffer Holocaust. The Cross is Holocaust. The Christian bears the cross--has no choice but to do sol. The Jew endures Holocaust. The temple may be no more on the mount, and bloody sacrifices be no more, but the Sacrifice goes on in the hearts of the faithful.

And the people rises, as Christ rose!


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